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Easy Healthy Breakfasts

There are a number of reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day; and they're not all just health related:

  1. If you eat something tasty for breakfast it can make you feel like your busy day had something in it for you, right from the start

  2. It's often easier to prepare than other meals so gives you better value for time expended

  3. On weekends it's pure pleasure to take your time and indulge yourself by cooking yourself something delicious

  4. And if you cook your family a tasty breakfast on a Sunday morning what a beautiful way to start your day off

  5. Early mornings cater well to young children so breakfast can be a great way of catching up with your friends with kids

  6. Breakfast can even be a great way to socialize for busy people who can be too tired to entertain at night

  7. And it's easy and inexpensive to cater for the masses at breakfast

For example: Debbie's Eggs and Baked Bean Recipe has been used numerous times to feed over 20 men for breakfast after their morning surf (although you will have to adjust quantities if you use it.) Combined with Grilled Tomatoes, Jilly's Rosemary and Bacon, some Buttered Mushrooms and slabs of sourdough toast, it's a real winner. And it's so easy to make. I've been asked for the recipes again and again.

I've listed below some tried and true family recipes supplied by my working friends or ones I've worked out myself. Every one of the dinners recipes passes the taste test, the ease of preparation test, the inexpensive to make test and best of all they work time after time. I think you'll enjoy them.

Corn & Corned Meat Fritters
Easy Berry Brekky Muesli
Easy Feta Eggs by Anya
Easy Omelette by Nicky
Easy Baked Beans and Eggs by Deb
Jilly's Gran's Impossible Pie
Debbie's Time Saver Lemon Pancakes
Easy Pumpkin Quiche
Dev. Jilly's Rosemary and Bacon
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