Things To Do With Kids...

that will help build your child's language, concept development and creativity

N.B. Since the introduction of COVID 19 into Australia (from March onwards,) many of these activities may now place you, or your family members, at risk due to potential social contact. You need to adapt any activities to ensure your family's safety and that you adhere to any government restrictions.


What simple activities can you do with your kids that provide rich learning opportunities, help build positive relationships between you and your child and help develop their vocabulary and comprehension ?

Listed below are some activities you could try:

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There are many ways you can add an educational layer to  the things you're already doing with your kids or to the things you're providing for them to use independently.

Check out the link for more useful ideas:

*Puzzle Solving: Patterns
Puzzles helps develop children's IQ
*Read Daily: Vocab Development
Mother reading to her daughter
*Provide Books: A Love of Reading
Two little girls reading text
*Use Public Transport: Signage
Catching public transport. Little boy looking out train window
*Build Sandcastles: Volume
Playing sandcastles helps teach volume
*Supply Art Materials: Creativity
Open Ended Art materials help produce creative kids
*Play Outside Games: Turn Taking
Playing old fashioned outdoor games helps with turn taking
*Dress Up: Role Play and Imagination
Dad dressing up
*Playground: Building Confidence
Confident boy climbing rope at park
Visit Community: Belonging & Respect
Visiting Community Members Who Help Us
Grocery Shopping: Maths and Literacy
A young girl learning maths and literacy skills while shopping
Play Cards: Letter and Number Rec
Playing cards is a great way of learning turn taking, numeral and letter recognition.
Block Building: Maths and Literacy
Block building and maths and literacy skills
Going to the Museum: Science
Kids going to the museum helps build science concepts
*Visit an Art Gallery: Creativity
Sing: Rhythm, Pitch & Listening
Dance With Your Kids: Joy
Making a Cubby: Creative Play
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