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What Successful Families Do

  • The parenting style is generally considered authoritative rather than authoritarian, permissive or uninvolved.


The parents choose to be the leaders of the family.


  1. set high expectations,

  2. provide consistent feedback to children

  3. are responsive to their child's needs

  4. ensure clear boundaries  guide child behaviour

  5. remain involved in their children's lives as they grow.


What sets them apart from authoritarian parents is they're more responsive to individual child needs, they're more willing to negotiate around rules, they factor in individual maturity levels and they respond flexibly when the need arises.


Why do some families succeed while others struggle?


Some of the factors that contribute to success are:

  • Successful parents have a sense of higher purpose linked to their family, based upon their desire for their family to be happy and to succeed.


For some this can have a religious basis. But for many, parents sense of higher purpose is based upon maintaining a strong and lifelong commitment to the success of their children and an ongoing relationship with their partner.

These parents balance the 'me' and 'we' aspects of family well, ensuring both are catered for.

Step by Step Parenting Tips 1

(Follow the blue text for condensed information and tips)

  • The parents value their own health and well being, evidenced by: providing regular healthy meals, regular exercise and appropriate levels of sleep.


Because of the parent's own healthy lifestyles they're good role models for their children.


And because they maintain their own interest in a healthy lifestyle, they're also willing to accept that to be sustained over time, different children may have different interests and/or activity needs rather than assuming one form of exercise will suit all children equally.

  • Interactions within the family are respectful. Communication is clear, open and honest. There is genuine trust and co-operation between parents and between children and parents.

Parents role model respect, kindness and co-operation in their every day interactions with all family members.


Children are encouraged to have good social skills. These families often have regular extended family contact and they often also mix with a group of supportive friends and involve in their community. They maintain strong social bonds with others.

Parents use a language of appreciation and gratitude.

Every individual is valued for what they contribute to the family.

  • Parents plan ahead, cognisant of the fact they're trying to raise independent, responsible, capable, empathetic adults.

  1. Parents expose their children to different ideas, experiences and cultures to widen their perspective

  2. Parents give children their own responsibilities and expect them to fulfill commitments

  3. They link privileges to age and maturity

  4. Parents increase the child's opportunities for autonomy  as they mature.

  • Parents expect that children will make mistakes as a part of learning and use it as an opportunity to help develop resilience.

  1. Parents openly discuss stress management strategies they use and times they haven't succeeded

  2. Parents model ways of overcoming difficulties or failures themselves... by adapting

  3. Parents show that life is changeable. Some difficulties are to be expected and can be planned for

  4. Parents show by example, that even large difficulties can be overcome with time and a plan

You'll have already noticed that there is both black and blue writing on a page. The blue provides condensed information you can learn at a glance. But the black provides additional information, and examples, which allows you to learn more about what interests you. You can learn to any depth you like.

  • Parents use positive expectation and routine to provide a safe framework to support children

  1. Quality time together as a family is planned for and prioritised. e.g. playing family games together, going on holidays together, etc

  2. Time is ideally spent on a daily basis: eating together, reading at night, bed time routines, etc

  3. Routines provide clear expectations of daily and/or weekly responsibilities for children. This helps scaffold personal independence

  4. Parents have routines in place that helps support the effective running of the household

  5. Consequences for less desirable behaviour are usually natural ones. (refer below)

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