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Successful Parents usually :

  • Have strong lifetime-commitments to building positive family relationships

  • Lead by example

  • Value, and support health

  • Interact respectfully, honestly & maintain a balanced viewpoint

  • Are trustworthy, capable and cooperative

  • Have long-term aspirations for their children to attain success and independence 

  • Are understanding, tolerant and forgiving

  • Model resilience

  • Expect the best. Yet plan for the worst.

Seven Steps that contribute to success are:

  • Successful parents have a sense of higher purpose related to family.


Parents maintain a strong and lifelong commitment to the success of their children, including a positive  ongoing relationship with their partner. These parents balance the 'me' and 'we' aspects of family well, ensuring both are catered for. They're willing to spend the time necessary to build quality relationships with their children.

  • Interactions within successful families are respectful. Dialogue is open, honest, age appropriate and helps support understanding. Genuine trust and co-operation occurs between parents; and between children and parents.

Parents role model respect, kindness and co-operation in their every day interactions.


Children are encouraged to have good social skills. These families often have regular extended family contact and involve in their community. They have fun with their kids and include them in socializing.

Parents express appreciation and gratitude. Every individual is valued for what they contribute to the family.

  • Parents use positive expectation, & routines, to provide a safe framework to support children. They make time to have fun together.

  1. Quality time as a family is planned for and prioritised. e.g. playing family games together, going on holidays together, etc

  2. Time is ideally spent together on a daily basis: eating together, reading at night,  etc

  3. Routines provide clear expectations of daily and/or weekly responsibilities for children. This helps scaffold personal independence

  4. Parents have routines in place that helps support the effective running of the household

  5. Consequences for less desirable behaviour are usually natural ones

The best thing you can spend on your kids, is time.

quote by Arnold Glasgow

Why do some families succeed while others struggle? What do successful families do differently?

  • Parents lead by example and:

  1. Set high expectations

  2. Provide consistent feedback

  3. Are responsive to individual needs

  4. Ensure clear boundaries guide child behaviour

  5. Remain involved as children grow


These parents are responsive to each child's needs, they're more willing to negotiate around rules, they factor in individual maturity levels and they respond flexibly when the need arises.

  • Successful parents value their own health and well being, evidenced by: providing regular healthy meals, regular exercise and appropriate levels of sleep.


Because of the parent's own healthy lifestyles they're good role models for their children.


They're also willing to accept, that different children may have different interests and/or activity needs.

  • It's expected that children will make mistakes as a part of learning. Successful parents use it as an opportunity to help develop resilience.

  1. Parents remain calm, look at opportunities for restitution for mistakes and resolution of problems

  2. Successful parents model ways of overcoming difficulties or failures themselves... by adapting

  3. Parents show by example, that even large difficulties can be overcome with time and a plan

  • Successful parents maintain a big picture perspective. They plan ahead, aware they're trying to raise independent, responsible, capable, empathetic adults.

  1. Parents expose their children to different ideas, experiences and cultures, to widen their perspective

  2. Parents give children their own responsibilities and expect them to fulfill commitments

  3. They link privileges to age and maturity

  4. Parents increase the child's opportunities for autonomy  as they mature.

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Step 2: Shows how the language used in your home can set your child up for academic success.

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