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As You Age, Life Gets Funnier

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'I taught your grandmother? Her voice was incredulous. 'What are you talking about this time Kardinia?' Mrs Bright frowned at Kardinia's latest attempt to disrupt her lesson.

'Well I was at Nan's the other day and she reckons you taught her at Eastfield High when she was in Year 10.'

Mrs Bright's frown deepened. She looked away, confusion creeping across her face. Memories of white halls, clattering staircases and congested art rooms flashed through her mind.


'Well I did teach at Eastfield High for a little while. What was your Nan's name?'

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Mrs Bright's eyes shone. She put her hand to her lips. 'Yes I remember her.' But then she frowned. 'So how do you fit into this Kardinia?'


'Well turns out my mum had me young too. This is us together. Nan got us a photo shoot for Christmas.' She handed Miss Bright another photo and the family face stared back again.

'Oh my goodness, you all look the same.' Mrs Bright put her hand over her lips and looked into the distance, processing the enormity of what she'd been told.  She exhaled. 'Wow! I expected one day I might teach a child that belonged to someone I'd taught, but never a grandchild.'

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DISCLAIMER: Any similarities in the stories on this page, to people living or deceased, are purely co-incidental... After all, you never let the truth spoil a good story.

How Old Are You?

Kardinia killed the background burble of the art class as she hurled her comment at her teacher... 'I found out something about you the other day...'


She pursed her lips as she let the comment hang in the air. Her tone an accusation. All ears pricked up. She continued, 'You taught my grandmother!'

For the first time, every child in the art class, was silent & still, processing the ridiculous...


Or was it ridiculous?


The teacher, Mrs Bright looked up to see twenty four pairs of eyes fixed on her, studying her. She could see their little minds ticking over.

Girls in School Uniform

Kardinia licked her lips, flicked her hair and smirked, 'Well her last name's Acres now, but it used to be Green. She was Jayla Green. She said you taught her when she was sixteen.'

'Jayla Green... I did teach a Jayla Green... It was my first year of teaching.' Memories of a pretty dark haired girl began to emerge. 'She had a child when she was young didn't she, (more statement than question.)

'Yeh! She left school at the end of the year to have my mum. Here I've got a photo of her.' She handed Mrs Bright the photo.

Mother, Teenager, Daughter..jpg

'Yep, that's me.' Kardinia giggled. 'Surprise!'


Mrs Bright looked down in disbelief. But when she looked up again all the kids were staring at her. Some were slack jawed, others were shaking their heads. But one, a little quicker than the others, boomed his incredulous voice from the back of the room.


'So how old are you?'

Mrs Bright scoffed. 'Awwwh thanks for the interest; Jack. It's really touching.' And she laughed.

She was 58 at the time and dined out on the story for months.

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