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Money Savers

'Marilyn' didn't come from a background of wealth but is probably one of the wealthiest women I know... Yet when I met her, what she did surprised me.

I saw in her behaviour some of the things that I've done to save money over the years. She is older than me and I could see that her habits, over a lifetime, have cumulatively made a huge difference to her financial position. And because she used them as part of her daily behaviour, so she no longer even thought about them.

Over years she had increased her income and managed her spending to the level she was comfortable with.

Below are some more money saving ideas and tips that have worked for me or my friends over years. I hope they might also be useful for you.


So what every day things did she do differently to many others?


  • allowed others to contribute their fair share rather than just tokenism e.g. when entertaining, fundraising, etc

  • provided inexpensive but tasty foods herself when entertaining

  • dressed well in classic comfortable clothing that didn't date

  • travelled widely, using networks for accommodation where possible

  • bargained when she bought classic gold jewellery, that appreciated in value

  • took good care of things and maintained them well, including herself... exercising daily in her seventies

  • is a moderate consumer of food and alcohol and prefers healthy food

  • reused or repurposed items where possible

  • used networks to access expertise and resources. For example: buying good quality items from the local goodwill

  • shared regularly with others, utilizing pooled assets

  • lived within her means rather than on credit

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Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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