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Parent Stories

...Where it's okay to share our joys and our tears.

Parenting can be a huge leveller. Maybe like nothing else you've ever experienced before.

It doesn't matter how cool you are, how clever you are or how much money you've got; if you're not interesting, you're three year old will just walk off when you're speaking.


Ray Romano on having children: "Having children is like living in a frat house - nobody sleeps, everything's broken & there's a lot of throwing up."


Parenting can make you howl with laughter when a child says something that's cute, or if they make a comical mistake due to their innocence. It can really bring out the best of us.


Yet  at other times we may just feel like howling. Parenting can be overwhelming, bewildering or just plain exhausting. It's 24/7, 52 weeks a year, for life... And we pay for the privilege.

Tired Mother with Upset Baby Suffering w

I thought that because all of us parents are muddling through trying to do our best with what we've got, a sense of humour is a great asset to have.


These are some of the stories I've had shared with me. And in typical writer's form, I don't let the truth spoil a good story.


Let's share the joy, the sadness and the triumph.

Happy Girl with Dad

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Please note: Stories will not be paid for as no income is generated from this website. Authors will need to ensure any stories do not contain names or details that allow characters to be identified, as those that do will not be published.


The best stories submitted however will be edited and published along with the author's name (if they wish,) or  published anonymously.


Any images to be used with your story will be supplied by Best Parenting (at their cost) and while there is no word limit, stories are recommended to be less than one thousand words. However longer stories will be considered if they're particularly insightful.

Best Parenting is grateful for any stories submitted however it reserves the right to refuse to publish stories, without explanation, if they're deemed inconsistent with this website. For more information on publishing criteria contact the editor:

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Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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