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Best Ways of Developing Language

Step by Step Parenting Tips 2

Strategies to Develop Language

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This page contains the following information:

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What are the best ways of developing early language?


Out of everything you do for your child, helping them communicate well by developing their language skills is amongst the most important.

  • Exposure to quality early-language experiences assists synapse development in young children's brains.

  • Synapse development assists your child's ability to store and recall information. More synapse development while young helps them access, sort, link and store information, for life.


Language development provides the foundation for much of your child's future learning to link to. So it makes sense to help make your child's language development as good as possible.

Simple Tips That Make a Difference

  • Respond to your baby's attempts to communicate. Get in close. Talking to babies builds vocabulary & understanding

  • Look at your children's face when you speak to them so they see how to produce sounds

  • If kids make a pronunciation mistake repeat the word correctly, rather than correct them

  • Add words to what they say... 'It's a ball.' Extend...'It's a big, bouncy ball. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Can you catch the ball?

  • Answer children's questions in age appropriate language, always extending vocabulary

  • Read to babies daily from around 5-6 months of age to develop complex language skills

  • Speak to young children as though they're intelligent beings

  • As children grow expand their developing language around their interests

  • If you're concerned about your child's language development seek professional advice early

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While your child is young, language development directly affects his or her:

  • understanding (both verbal and written)

  • learning

  • confidence

  • behaviour

  • ability to be understood

  • happiness

  • social acceptance and friendships

  • class placements (e.g. GATS classes or remediation at extremes)

And Longer Term language development affects:

  • school results

  • tertiary training opportunities

  • job prospects

  • social status

  • income potential

Step By Step 3:

Why cooperative behaviour is so important for your child's success.

What I've observed over decades is:

Parents who spend time helping their kids develop good language skills while young, are much less likely to have to spend time remediating them later, when their children may have developed negative attitudes to learning and school.


It makes much more sense to stack it early, so a child feels successful about learning.

For specific information to best develop language skills for your child, go to the following links:

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