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It's easier to build strong children than mend broken ones.

Adapted quote by Frederick Douglas


If your child is cooperative, he or she will be more likely to experience some of the following:

  • good relationships with parents and siblings

  • feeling like they belong

  • playing regularly with the same children that they like and share interests with

  • social acceptance: being invited by kids to: join in games, birthday parties, sleepovers, etc

  • being listened to and being understood

  • sharing activities that involve trust

  • being exposed to an ever widening social group

'My behaviour is the result

of your behaviour.'   

Priyaank Arora

  • Your child's behaviour largely creates his, or her world. If they behave well and react positively towards others, others in turn, generally react positively towards them.


  • A child who behaves poorly, can experience being misunderstood, being ignored, or at extreme being socially shunned, especially if they hurt others.

  • While people are often understanding of physical and intellectual disabilities, social disabilities can be less well tolerated.

A child's behaviour creates their world.

However, if your child is uncooperative, he or she will be more likely to experience some of the following behaviours:

  • a reluctance to get close, they're a bit too hard

  • social isolation, not being asked to play 

  • or worse social shunning, not being asked to birthday parties, social functions, etc

  • negative consequences or discipline

  • poor learning due to their lack of listening or concentration which can impact on school results

  • being misunderstood

  • getting a negative reputation, increasing the difficulty in being accepted by good role models

Step 4: How to achieve cooperative behaviour in four easy steps.

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