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Developing Independent Learners

Girl in Class

1. I believe the biggest contributing factor to kids struggling at school, is  them having lower levels of language than they need, to be able to listen to, and understand, what is being said around them.

What factors contribute to differences, between those children who are capable learners at the commencement of school, and those who are more likely to struggle:

  • Lower levels of vocabulary & comprehension than peers

  • A lack of positive learning experiences

  • Immaturity

  • Too much exposure to screens

  • A lack of learning opportunities during play 

Go to the following links to learn more about language development:

2. The second most important thing is having positive learning experiences while young.

If a child sees learning as fun, they're more likely to be going to want to be involved in it. If they think they're good at it they're more likely to feel positive about it.

It makes sense to me, considering most children are likely to spend between eleven and thirteen years of their life, in some form of school setting, to stack it, so they experience success from the start.

It's unfortunate but language delays, vision issues, hearing issues that are undetected can impact upon a child's learning and in turn affect their attitude to learning.


3. Maturity is another factor.

Gaining confidence takes time. And confidence is built upon many positive learning experiences. By exposing your children to positive early learning experiences they become more engaged in the world around them.

Reading readiness and school readiness have a big impact upon how well a child will transition into a school environment.


4. Limiting your child's exposure to screens while they're young

By engaging in their own learning children become active rather than passive participants.


While young brains are being wired up its recommended by Australian Department of Health Guidelines that children under two years have no screen time. And that children from two to five years of age have only one hour of recreational screen time a day. From five until seventeen the maximum is two hours a day.


5. Providing learning opportunities in play settings.

Young children learn best through play.


But it's also surprising what young children may find fun. I've watched young children want to sweep paths like their dad does, or readily engage in cooking activities or gardening. Children can learn a lot by making it a game.

For more ideas go to the following links:

'A child's mind is not a container to be filled but a fire to be kindled.' 

Dorothea Brande

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