How to Thrive in Self Isolation

Breathe Deeply

  • Breathe in slowly for four, then out slowly for four. Repeat in rotations of three focusing on the breath.

  • Any time you feel stressed go into this four pattern and focus on the breath

  • Listen to meditative music

  • Focus on every part of your body relax from the toes, the heels, the ankles upwards

  • Get up early and exercise on the beach, near a lake, in the bush

Maintain a Healthy Schedule

  • Get up, shower and dress

  • Make your bed, tidy up, eat breakfast

  • Plan to achieve one thing each day: read a book, weed a garden, tidy out a drawer, etc

  • Prepare healthy meals

  • Record your day in your diary

Maintain Quality Interactions

  • Its not the number of interactions in your day, it's the quality of them that's important

  • Maintain contact with upbeat people who help make you feel good about yourself and encourage you

  • Be a good listener and friend. Others may be going through a different, even tougher time than you.

  • Be respectful and avoid conflict

  • If you have people living in self-isolation with you, working on a larger group project would give you a shared focus

Show Yourself and Others Kindness and Compassion

  • Do something nice for someone, and do it anonymously, particularly if you know they're doing it tough


  • Send a card or thoughtful gift through the post telling someone what you admire about them

  • Sit in a warm bath and read a book

  • Say at least five positive things about everyone in your household every day

  • Read Inspiring Books e.g. : The Hero Within, Seven Principles of Highly Effective People, Awaken the Giant Within, The Gifts of Imperfection, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, etc

Thriving in Isolation

  • Practise breathing deeply

  • Maintain a healthy schedule

  • Maintain quality interactions and avoid conflict

  • Exercise early each day

  • Learn: Knowledge is power

  • Use your time well

  • Create a cooperative project with those in your household

  • Distract yourself if frustrated

  • Show compassion to yourself and others

Use your time well

  • Plan for the future: Brainstorm work options, education options, residence options,

  • Do something creative (artwork, writing, home project, reading, etc

  • Achieve something meaningful: Think. Create a plan. Act on it.

  • Create a new health habit e.g. initiate keeping a bullet diary to ensure balance across all aspects of your life

Learn All You Can: Knowledge is Power

  • Learn all you can about COVID 19 so you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family

  • Research economic/job/share markets during past crises to help inform your course of action

  • Within every crisis there is opportunity. Using your new found knowledge can you find one?

If You're in a Funk, Distract Yourself

  • Read the books you always wanted to

  • Dance/listen to music and allow yourself to be immersed

  • Watch a new series or a movie in a different genre to what you usually might

  • Do a jig saw puzzle

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