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What To Do When Bad Stuff Happens: 2

To be honest when our life disintegrated I didn't know where to start. But what I realised was, if I didn't do something fast we would be poverty-stricken

 2. I trialed beginning menus for the purchase of food that made the best use of my time and very limited money.


As I said previously we lived on between $40 and $70 a week for a family of four for about six months, only supplementing with fruit and vegetables others gave me. Although I did have some non-perishable food in the pantry and the freezer at the outset which helped a bit. Go to following link to learn the principles below.

DISCLAIMER: N.B. This is what I did that worked for me but it may not necessarily work for you in your current circumstance. All information provided is generic only and you are recommended to seek advice from a registered financial advisor.

What I Did That Worked: Normally my husband and I would have discussed issues but he was too ill so I had to do what I thought best.

But if you have a partner to brainstorm with, that may work even better assuming you're both respectful of one anothers' opinions, and you co-operate, even though you're both stressed.

 1. I sat and thought about what options were available to me. Then I did with the one thing that created the biggest immediate improvement in our financial situation for the least amount of time expended so it would reduce the feeling of the wolf at the door.


That could be ringing a family member for short term financial assistance, asking friends with businesses if they can employ you short term or part-time, selling something to supply cash for food and necessities, following up job opportunities, lodging an intention to access welfare payments, etc

  3. Then I did what would create  the biggest improvement to our medium term-financial situation:


Refer to the list above and repeat items.


But you could also consider accessing some of your superannuation if you're really desperate (although this can have major long term repercussions and may affect sickness and death benefits for some.)


In our case we cashed in our kid's scholarships which gave us around $6000 which helped with our medical bills. Sometimes, like us, you may have assets you've forgotten  you can cash in. As soon as was possible we set up retraining for my husband and as soon as he had some independence we looked at having him return to the workforce.

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