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Best Free Links For Self-Isolating With Kids

Two beautiful little sisters sit at a ta

If you're looking for great free websites that provide passive learning activities for your child you may like to check out the following links:

3-6 Year Olds

Sesame Street ABC Kids

This provides a range of engaging games that will keep your kids entertained while teaching them language and maths concepts.

4-12 Year Olds


This is likely one of the largest range of free games you can access and kids love it.

4-10 Year Olds

The Fact Detectives

I love this as an input to encourage kids to want to learn more about science subjects. If your kids are interested in science it's really worth checking out.


5 Years +

Highlights Kids

I really like this website as it caters to older kids too and it's not gimmicky. I think it would be best if you go through and highlight the areas of the site you think are particularly useful and then are available or nearby to assist your child the first times they use it.

Mother with kids playing on laptop compu

​3-12 Years

Learning Games for Kids

This has some great games although it may need you to walk them through it. I was impressed with the quality of the games and the range of topics covered.

3-8 Years


You will need to check this out first and find the games that suit your kids interests as there's a lot on this site.

3-8 Years


There are a range of games you can access without logging in to the site although much more is available if you do log in.



3-12 Years

Learning Games for Kids

This has some great games although it may need you to walk them through it the first time or so they play it. I was impressed with the quality of the games and the range of topics covered.


If you're looking for great free websites that provide either active activities your child can do or ideas you can use, go to the following links:

2-12 Year Olds (although many activities could be fun for the whole family)

87 Energy-Busting Games & Activities For Kids (Because Cabin Fever Is No Joke)

I LOVE these activities and I think the adults will likely enjoy many of them as much as the kids. They are really worth checking out.

2-6 Year Olds

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This link provides a great range of activities to keep young kids entertained and moving. And best of all you don't need to be involved so can work while your kids are being both entertained and exercised.

4-6 Year Olds

A simple way of practising maths skills in a novel way.

beautiful cute little girl with math for

Just for Parents

Khan Academy

I have LOVED Khan Academy for around ten years now. It allows kids to learn at their own pace and caters well for those who require remediation and extension. It now requires a parent sign up.


I have supplied the following link for parents to access information for Children Of All Ages Across all KLAs

This website can give you much greater insight into what your children are learning.

Kids for Peace

If you're self isolating with kids the following tips will help:


1. Set up a predictable routine... The key to success is providing a variety of activities: Some active, some passive. Some challenging, some relaxing or easy. Some creative, some chores.

2. Maintain clear boundaries for behaviour and explain what is expected ahead of time. If you're working you will need quiet time to be able to work. Set aside quiet time

3. Notice the positive where ever possible and reward positive behaviour. What you notice you'll get more of.

4. Be consistent. What you let your kids get away with shouldn't be determined by your mood.

5. Be a leader for your family. Provide a good example. Kids are quick to spot hypocrisy.

Best Parenting is a high quality parenting website designed with child and family success in mind. It highlights what successful parents do differently to those who struggle. Best Parenting provides free online resources for busy parents who want the best practical advice on: how to give kids a best start in life, better tips for parenting toddlers, effective child rearing strategies, behaviour management tips, successful goal setting and organizational strategies for successful families, easy family dinner recipes, self-care tips for time-poor parents and free kids learning games. The aim of Best Parenting is to provide quality practical parenting tips and advice to best help children and families succeed, using the convenience of a website.

This website provides examples of what worked for me over decades and you are welcome to use these ideas as you see fit but you do so at your own risk. Best Parenting does not provide any guarantee that this information will work in every circumstance with every family or with every child. It is your responsibility as a user of this website to ensure that you adhere to any recommended safety suggestions either implicit or explicit on this site and supervise your children while playing any games suggested. Similarly users of this website are advised to follow any recommendations for seeking professional advice as all information on this site is generic. Best Parenting is an independent website and is not affiliated with any other groups, clubs, religious organizations or educational systems.


Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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