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Easy Family Dinner Recipes
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Time, Health & Money Savers

​​If you're interested in saving time, money and creating opportunities for parent self care, (especially with prioritizing your health,) you may like to look at some of the following ideas in each of the categories listed below.


I'm hopeful that some of these ideas adapted by you to your own circumstances, will make your life more positive by providing opportunities for improved parent self care,  financial awareness and family cooperation.

These ideas made a huge difference to my own life and to my family's life. They saved me a lot of money and freed up time... which improved the quality of all of our lives.

Click on any of the image links to learn more. I know this information could change your life because it changed mine:

If you think your self care is a priority and you plan for it, your family is more likely to see parent self care as important too.

​Those  I've shared my ideas with are often initially bemused at the organization behind it, but when they see how much money and time it saved, and the opportunities it made available they quickly wanted to know more.​

How can you get to pay off your home early, have free time to spend with your kids, go on holidays, put your kids through university, even retire early?


  • 6 Tips for Saving Money

  • Reducing Repetitive Costs

  • Time Savers for Healthy Meals

  1. Setting up a Repeating Menu

  2. Linked Shopping Lists

  • Advantages of a Budget

  • Spending Wisely

  • The Value of A Herb Garden

  • A Best Lunchbox Story

  • Real Cost of Takeaway

Stacks of Coins
Couple Doing Yoga Pose


  • What's Most Important in Life

  • Establishing Healthy Habits

  • Planning for Quality Time

  • 16 Ways to Feel Better in Minutes

  • Time Savers for Healthy Meals

  1. Menu Planning

  2. Linked Shopping Lists

  • Giving Up Smoking


  • Simple Time Saving Tips

  • Children's Routines

  • Planning For Quality Time

  • Time Savers for Healthy Meals

  • Meals on the Table in Minutes

  • More Meals in Minutes

  • Why Save Time

  • What's Most Important in Life

  • Time to Relax

Nutritionist Cooking
Mexican Meal


  • Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes

  • How to Make Meals Kid Friendly

  • Inexpensive Family Dinners

  • Tried & True Recipes for Busy Cooks

  • Yummy Healthy Breakfasts

  • Delicious Cakes and Desserts

  • Prepare Ahead Party Favourites

  • Scalable Recipes for Larger Groups

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