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Cute little boy sitting on father's shou

'I'm Not a... '


My two-and-a-half year old son and I were sitting in the park together, watching the traffic pass us by.

My son pointed at one vehicle and said, 'Look mummy. It's a car truck!'


'It's called a u-tility. I emphasized the first sound so it might help him to remember it.

He frowned and looked me straight in the eye. 'I'm not a tillity,' he said.

Couple's Feet in Bed

Pre School News Time

Shakeela: 'Good morning children.'

Class: 'Good morning Shakeela.'

Shakeela: 'My mummy got a new bed.'

Teacher: 'That's nice.'

Shakeela:' Yeh, she got a new bed cause she got a new boyfriend.'

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Nothing But the Truth

I'd always prided myself on explaining things fully to my kids, according to their level of understanding.

And on this particular day my three year old and I  got to discussing how babies were made.

After answering every question honestly about where mummy's eggs were stored in her tummy, it progressed.


I explained conception by saying 'Daddy fertilizes mummy's eggs with a special part of his body and that makes the egg grow into a baby.'

'Oh.' he said. 'But what's daddy's special part?'

I pictured him explaining how babies are conceived at preschool news and I choked.


'Awwwh... you'll have to ask Daddy,' I replied.

Boy in Fox Costume

Clever Mr Fox

I'd been trying to get my three year old son to pick up his toys by using a number of different strategies from: 'I wonder how long it'll take you to pick up your toys. You start and I'll count,' through to 'I'll see if I can pack away faster than you...'

After my failed attempts he turned and looked at me. He tipped his head to the side and said, 'You're just trying to manipulate me Mum!'

After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said, 'Yes I am trying to manipulate you. I'm trying to manipulate you to be good.'

'Oh!' he said and nodded. Then went to pick up his toys.

Go figure... 


But as I was congratulating myself on finally achieving some success, a thought gripped my heart with icy fingers, and squeezed.


Awwwh... What's parenting him going to be like when he's a teenager.

New and Amazing


My twelve month old stood on the lounge next to me and  looked out the window into the night sky.


He pointed upwards and said, 'Ball ... Sky ... Mummy.'

And I saw through his eyes what it was like to see the moon for the first time ...

Full Moon

Oh Wonder...

​I left my toddler on the potty near rolls of toilet paper.


He unrolled three or four rolls completely and then proceeded to rip them into tiny pieces.

What I saw looked something like this ...

A Toddler ripping up toilet paper in bat

...But what he saw, was this.

Child looking snow falling with his mout

Hello Sam

Our car had broken down in Goondiwindi and the only place we could find to stay was next to the highway. Every time yet another semi-trailer roared through, dust swirled around us.

So I took the kids to stay in our caravan and tried to amuse them while my husband went for a walk.

While checking the place out he came across a cockatoo.


'Hello Sam... Hello Sam,' it went.

My husband started to laugh. He rushed back to get us.

'And when we saw the cockatoo it started up again.' 'Hello Sam... Hello Sam.'

My four year old gasped and clasped his hands to his face.


'But how does he know my name?'


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