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Money Saving Tips During a Pandemic


  • Transport is another major cost. Some savings could be made by:

  1. Using a bike along cycle ways or walk where possible (while staying away from others and maintaining social distances)

  2. Having only one vehicle if possible until your situation improves

  3. Using your vehicle the least amount possible. e.g. Go to the shop for one large trip rather than three smaller shopping trips or qualify for free home delivery

  4. Refueling on the cheapest day of the week

  5. N.B. I'd normally suggest using public transport or car pooling but during a pandemic I wouldn't do either. You know the level of risk you're willing to take.

  6. I'm not going out so that saves money but you may not have that option

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Hygiene Ideas

Saving Scarce Resources

  • If there is currently a toilet paper shortage, do number 2s just before you have your shower. That way you don't have to use as much paper to be as fussy as you would be normally. And encourage other family members to do the same... Gross but practical

  • Educate children about saving scarce resources. e.g. Allocate three squares of toilet paper for a wee for your kids. Become folders rather than scrunchers

  • Save sanitizer to use for if you have to leave the house

  • When you use soap leave it on a draining rack rather than in a soap dish so it lasts longer

  • Squash the remains of the old soap onto the new soap, as soap has been difficult to access at times

  • Use soap rather than hand wash as it lasts  longer and is less expensive

  • If you shave put the used razor blade end into  a small container with enough cooking oil to cover the blades as it prevents them from rusting, and they last longer

  • Buy hair products in bulk pump packs as it often works out much cheaper. You often get a better quality product for the same price

  • If you're not leaving the house, you could save on using deodorant

  • Wear clothes more than once

  • Wash in cold water and dry clothing outside on a line, or on a clothes hoist inside, rather than use the dryer

  • If surgical masks are unavailable make fabric masks for family members to wear, if they must leave the home. New research is indicating that countries who require residents to wear masks when they leave their homes (plus employ correct hand-washing regimens and social-distancing) have lower rates of virus spread.

Reduce Costs

  • Housing is a major ongoing cost and although moving to cheaper accommodation is an obvious choice for those renting under normal circumstances, it could be foolhardy during a pandemic.


If this is a possibility and can be done safely, it could create a larger saving than just about anything else you could do

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Food Savings Ideas That Have Worked For Me


  1. Shop from a well prepared list linked to a menu

  2. Buy only the items on the list

  3. Reduce the amount of meat you may normally eat as it's expensive. Try using lentils, beans or mushrooms to increase the volume of recipes. Or substitute chicken

  4. Whole foods are much better value than high sugar, high fat, high carb foods

  5. Avoid convenience foods as they're often geared to a premium working lifestyle. You could feed a family for what you might pay for just one meal

  6. Buy non-perishables in bulk if possible as they're often half the price of smaller amounts

  7. Buy on special, and ask for a raincheck if the items on special have already sold out

  8. Don't shop if you're hungry as it's so much harder to stick to your list

  9. Buy the most important items first and stick to a budget.

  10. Rice, pasta, unprocessed cereals, dried beans, lentils, breads are usually inexpensive staples and can form the basis of many delicious, healthy family meals

  11. Buy only the fruits and vegetables that are below your preset amount (that you can afford) per kilo. Potatoes and carrots are usually fairly cheap compared to many other vegetables


Sanitizing Products

DISCLAIMER: N.B. This is what I would do or am currently doing but it may not necessarily work for you in your current circumstance. All information provided is generic only and you are recommended to seek advice from a registered financial advisor or health professional.

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Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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