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More on the Table in Minutes

Making Family Life Easy 5

Chopping Vegetables

The Value of Cutting Up Two or Three Days Worth of Vegetables at a Time.

When preparing daily meals having something, even partly organized, can make a difference between getting a meal on the table, or resorting to take away.

Cutting up three days worth of vegetables at a time saves time and clean up.

It allows small pieces of vegetables to be salvaged and easily used for soups, fried rice and stirfries

It takes little more effort to cut up three days’ worth of fresh vegetables than just the one day’s worth. I minimized the time I spent getting things in and out of the fridge and sorting through bags.


And best of all, it prevents you finding those “dead vegies” at the back of the fridge that you would otherwise waste.



HINT: I try to reuse the same bags that the fruit or vegetables come in from the supermarket and redistribute the cut vegetables into each bag.

I tie them up tightly and store them in the crisper ready to use.

cutting up vegies 1.JPG
cutting up vegies 2.JPG

This process provides good sized portions of vegetables that can be accessed on even your busiest days.

Rice with Roasted Vegetables

I cook the vegetables in a steamer which minimizes the loss of colour, texture and nutritive value.

HINT: I often make soup or stir fries from pieces that broke off the cauliflower or broccoli or from the pieces that many people discard like the smaller cauliflower leaves and the centre stalks.


I also peel the broccoli stalks and use them for stir fried vegetables or soup and store them in an airtight container for a day or two.


I again store these vegetables in airtight containers in the fridge ready for salads, soups or quiches.

I asked a number of my working friends for some of their best easy pumpkin recipes. The ones below are fantastic.

The criteria was they were family recipes that always worked, were quick to make and most importantly were delicious.

Click on the links below for:

chinese vegies.jpg

​​Combined with some of the frozen chicken fillets I keep in the freezer, a soup or stir fry can be put together in minutes.


And if I boil a kettle of water for noodles, or rice, to speed up the initial boiling, then they can also be on the table within twelve minutes.

This is providing fresh healthy food fast for your family.

​You may have noticed I do not pre-cut potatoes, pumpkin or sweet potato.


But what I do instead is chop up large amounts of pumpkin and sweet potato and then bake them. Sometimes I also bake an onion or two as well.


'You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.'

Paul Prudhomme

​These recipes and more can be found in the Easy Healthy Recipes Section of this site. Links below:

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