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Things To Do With Kids During a Pandemic While Self-Isolating At Home: List 1

For Young Children

Simple Learning Principles:

  • Children have greater chance of remembering new knowledge and skills if they have multiple opportunities to revise them, especially if revising it's fun.

  • Children learn well through games as it provides numerous opportunities for revision. Go to: Fun Learning Games for some of the games your child will have used in a classroom situation.

  • Being positive helps kids be more receptive to future learning. Remember you're trying to create a positive attitude to learning for life

Girl Drawing

Check out some Learning Activities Below


N.B. Those with an asterisk have linked learning activities. Click on images to explore.


Those without asterisk, operate simply as idea prompts, as they are relatively self explanatory.

To encourage children to write (while in home isolation) I'm emailing a reply from the Tooth Fairy, to any letters written through this site, to her. Send letters to:


This free service is available during Isolation. If there's anything the Tooth Fairy needs to comment upon e.g. Tidying Bedrooms, Eating Healthy, Cleaning Teeth, etc include that in your parent email and I'm sure the Tooth Fairy will be happy to address it.

Log in and attach your child's letter. I will write back to them as soon as possible. The time delay for a response will depend upon the numbers accessing this service. Regards Deb xxx

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Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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