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Things To Do With Kids At Home Self Isolating During a Pandemic: List 2

Kids Staring at Candles Glow

If you could make a wish, how would you like  self-isolation to be remembered by your kids.


During self-isolation your kids need you, as parents,  to be the leader of the house... and they need you to lead by calm example.

If you aim to make 'Iso' as positive an experience as possible, you're more likely to achieve it than if you expect it to occur all by itself.


To avoid kids getting white wall fever providing a variety of activities will help: Some active, some passive. Some challenging, some relaxing (or easy.) Some creative, some chores.

Set up some common sense rules for 'Iso' To Make Your Home a More Pleasant Place To Be


1. Explain the importance of cooperation and everyone needs to do their part. Use the analogy about how everyone is staying home for the greater good. Well  cooperation is for your family's greater good and explain why it is important.

2. Maintain clear boundaries for behaviour and explain what is expected ahead of time. Manners are free and help oil the machinery of happily interacting families. This is an opportunity to follow up on some behaviours that may have slipped due to busy lifestyles. And model manners yourself.


3. Maintain some normality getting dressed, teeth cleaning, hair brushing, regular showering, etc. Kids will live up to or down to your expectations. Make a Pyjama Day the exception, not the rule.



4. Consistently acknowledging cooperative behaviour, where ever possible, and rewarding it is likely to increase it. What you notice you'll get more of.

5. Relax and have a bit of fun with your kids. There are heaps of activities you could do. Check out the galleries and links.

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