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Best Ever Gherkin Cheese Ball by Kay

Do you want a recipe for something to take to a party that's homemade, quick and easy to make and that everyone will love? If so, this recipe is for you. I've never taken this gherkin cheese ball anywhere and not been asked for the recipe. It's that good... Seriously!


This gherkin cheese ball stores well in the freezer, so you've always got something homemade to take to a party in an instant. Take it out of the freezer an hour before you need it.

By the time I travel to a party, the frozen gherkin cheese ball is usually thawed and ready. And every time I've taken this cheese ball to any party it's been devoured.


(This is the most popular recipe on the website. E.g: Just this week over 280 users accessed Kay's Best Ever Cheese Ball in one day. Enjoy!)



250 g. Philadelphia Cream Cheese

250 g. grated Kraft cheddar cheese or equivalent. (You usually find it near spreads in supermarket)

250 g. grated tasty cheese

4 tablespoon Gherkin relish

Approximately 2 cups of finely diced capsicum (red and green mixed looks best)

1 tablespoon Curry Powder

1 tablespoon Sweet Paprika



  1. Mix all of above ingredients together except for paprika and curry powder

  2. Make this mixture into three ball shapes, or 4 if you want smaller ones (I generally use gloves for hygiene)

  3. Sprinkle curry powder and paprika onto a clean plate in a couple of layers so that the two mix a little and stir around the plate with a spoon to combine

  4. Roll the ball shapes onto the powder mixture so that the entire surface is covered

  5. Serve with cracker biscuits. Chicken Crimpy or Chicken in a Biscuit complement the flavour well.


You will need to supply a knife for spreading as the mixture can cause biscuits to break.


HINT: I usually make a double quantity of these gherkin cheeseballs as these can be used immediately, or stored wrapped in plastic wrap in the freezer, for later use.


This means that if you're going to a party you have something homemade and yummy to take in an instant. And because they're frozen they take about half an hour to an hour to thaw out completely. Often that's the amount of time it takes to get ready and arrive at your destination. 

All of the recipes on this site have been made by good everyday cooks who have needed recipes to be foolproof, quick, easy and yummy. Check out "My Faves" for the best of the best family friendly recipes.

Do you love corn fritters?


Over years, whenever I dined out for breakfast I ordered corn fritters. So I became aware of what fantastic fritters taste like. These corn fritters, are the best I've ever tasted. It took me a couple of years to refine this recipe and I think it's the best you'll ever taste. So I hope you enjoy it.

And even if you don't have time to make them today, book mark this recipe for later. You won't regret it. It's super easy and delicious!

Learn: The Secret to Making Fluffy Corn Fritters as opposed to 'Frisbees.' 

P.S. These corn fritters freeze well and can be made ahead of time for super-easy entertaining. I put a slice of baking paper between each fritter and wrap them in stacks of six. Then I unwrap them, pop them on a flat tray in the oven if I need a tasty meal in a hurry.


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