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Testimonials & Awards

It was an incredible privilege to be a teacher. I loved it; and the many people whose lives I shared. Included are some thank yous written from parents, student teachers & the students I taught. They've been recorded as written, however names have been changed for confidentiality.  As evidenced by the comments below, I believe good teaching is built upon quality relationships.

I was also blessed to have my teaching expertise acknowledged by local, state & national awards. These include:

  • N.S.W. Education Minister and The Australian College of Educators Quality Teaching Award

  • Excellence By a Teacher Award: Outstanding National Achievement

  • Contribution to the Hunter Community Through Education Award

  • Fellowship: The Australian College of Educators

My warmest thanks to you for your kindness, your care and your insight with Alice. At times this year you have steered me in the right direction with your valuable advice and knowledge. Through your program this year Alice has become the confident and relaxed girl we knew was within and I can never thank you enough.


It has been a pleasure to have met you and I would like you to know that you are more than a teacher because you have entered our minds and  souls as a friend & mentor and as a person we respect highly. 

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our children.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have given Xander and Yvonne the best start to their education. - I know Xander will come on with Young Starters._ Yvonne is reading at Reading Recovery Level 12 and counts to 100. Aren't these little creatures amazing.


Thank you. The milestones Jemima has achieved under your care are more than we could have hoped for. These are the seeds that will continue to grow throughout her life.

We thank you for your care and dedication towards our daughter and that you have given her such a positive start to her education. 


Thanks again for being such a great teacher, leader and friend. Mrs Arthurs you are a pot of gold.


We can't believe how much Peterson has grown both physically and intellectually. We are so proud of our happy little man and this is largely due to the time and effort you have put into growing him and extending him... along with us. We have enjoyed the feedback you have given us and have appreciated the tips you have provided about making learning as fun as possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.


Mrs Arthurs, Thank you. I feel confident that Brian will ease into school next year, thanks to all your hard work. The pre school is an amazing place and an absolute credit to you. You take the time with each and every child, and your programs and ability to teach overwhelm me. I can't say enough. Thank you. Thank you.



Dear Deb,

The best way that I can express my thoughts and feelings concerning all matters concerning my son, my family, or myself for that matter is simply by writing it down.

Words cannot express my gratitude for everything that you have done. You may feel it is in your job description to help all parents, but you have definitely gone far and beyond. You care for each child that you teach as passionately as if they were your own.

I am sure that I am not the only parent that you have helped throughout your brilliant teaching career. I know two heads are better than one, but without the guidance and gentle push in the right direction, we would definitely not have Walter on the right path. I hate to think what would have happened.

As you know our family has gone through some heartaches. These are meant to make us stronger. Sometimes it's very draining to be the main person to make sure all the pieces don't fracture.

I am also glad the school is getting used to me being a permanent fixture. It has been as much a learning curve for me, as it is for my son. It is quite therapeutic also. Although you say I am helping you, you are actually helping me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your parent in training




I just wanted to let you know what a special person I think you are. Love, peace and empathy seem to surround you. The little things you do for our family, and your thoughts and words mean a lot. I know you reach out to others and touch them in ways you are probably not even aware of. You really make a difference to the world. Having known you has made me a better person and mother.


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Thank you so very much for being so kind in sharing your experiences with me and for helping me get back on track. The book has been great to read and has helped me with my anxiety. I'm sure with time I will be doing a lot more adventurous and fun life experiences than I ever thought possible. Thank  you for being so caring and thoughtful. You are a wonderful inspiration to all.


Thank you for making Wilson's start to school so positive and enjoyable for him (and for me as a parent.) You really have a way of letting kids experience the magic and excitement that comes with being 4 and 5 (before their minds are corrupted too much) but with structure and routines to get them ready for school. Wilson has loved having you as a teacher and Jason and I couldn't be happier with Wilson's development. You are a wonderful teacher!



It is hard to write all I have to say to you. You have been a wonderful teacher to both Anne and Walt, and such a support to me over the years. This year Anne couldn't have had a better preparation for school. Her first experience of teachers and school life has been such a positive experience and a joy to watch. I love that you see the potential in all children and expose them to quite complex concepts, realizing what sponges they are, while at the same time teaching them life skills.

You are a really special person.Thank you for all your hard work.


Dear Deb,

You have been a wonderful caring teacher to all the children and I know Tabor especially bonded with you. You made his year of preschool a very happy experience. I personally would like to thank you for your friendliness to me and for your support and advice to a 'paranoid' mum wanting to make just the right decisions concerning her son.



Dear Deb,

Words cannot say how grateful I am for your help with Shane. The change in him has been just amazing and it's all thanks to you. He is now very confident and ready to start 'big school' next year. Your have helped him develop and mature. Thank you.


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Where do we start? We were looking for a shining star to help guide our wy - and by a miracle we found 'Mrs Arthurs.' You have personally helped create beautiful lasting memories for our much loved children. How do we begin to thank you. You are held in our hearts for life.

The Anderwalls

Dear Deb,

Just a note to thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and guidance through the year. Drake and Trent have really enjoyed working with you and I am so pleased with their development and progress. Please know that you have made an incredible difference to their education. Thank you aso for your care and concern during a difficult year for me.

With love and thanks


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful year James has had with you. He has had a wonderful time and been keen to go every day. Your kindness and care of the class and each child is a real credit to you. Thank you also for being understanding and so accommodating to our beliefs. This has been much appreciated. Thank you!

Tane, Gaeliad & Emanuel


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Thank you very much for the year teaching Leonard. Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed the preschool & I have learnt so much.I will miss not coming here and seeing all of the children play and learn with so much enjoyment. It's an honor to have been here. Thank you

Walter and Lynney

Dear Mrs Arthurs,

What a privilege to have my child exposed to such excellence in teaching - simply the best. What is it all about? An opportunity to learn and grow into the best little person that is him. Thanks to the amazing skills of teachers who care and know the potential of children.


Dear Deb,

Thank you once again for all your help and support. I have always wanted to be a teacher but you are the reason I am definitely becoming a teacher. You are an inspiration!

Love and Best Wishes


Mrs Arthurs,

If Karma is judged by caring, strength and a beautiful soul... Then we all owe you a debt which is impossible to fulfill.

The Barlow Family

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and understanding. You've done more for me than you'll ever imagine. I don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you, you'll be forever in my heart.



Dear Deb,

John and I would like to thank you for giving Linden such a great year. 

Linden has settled into school well and we believe this is largely due to his year with you. He arrived at school well prepared for learning and accustomed to many of the routines of school life.

We have great memories from last year and would not hesitate to recommend your pre school to anyone.


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Just a word of thanks for being so kind and thoughtful to our situation. Thank you from deep in my soul for helping Lawson find himself and teaching him, it's okay.

You taught children that have only felt a sky full of clouds, that when the wind blows the sky is full of sunshine.

Thanks once again, Always grateful.


Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Thanks for a special year you have given Jamieson at pre-school. Your patience and encouragement have been wonderful for him. He's certainly come a long way this year thanks to your special magic. It's been a lovely experience being associated with you over the last four years. People like you are a pleasure to know.


Dear Deb,

Words can't convey the gratitude we feel for how you have helped Jane and Phillip prepare for school.

Your talent and enthusiasm for teaching preschool is wonderful and it has been a privilege getting to know you.



Dear Mrs Arthurs,

Thank you for your kindness and dedication to teaching. You are a wonderful teacher! We are privileged to of had you teach our three girls. Thank you!

With love from

The MacTavish Family

Girl Illustration

Dear Mrs Arthurs,

I have been more than impressed. Georgina really enjoys going everyday and she has learnt so much. Thank you so much for providing Georgina with such a nurturing, stimulating and educational environment for her to attend each day. Every day is different and I can see Georgina's confidence building each week. I know so much effort is put into each day. It is greatly appreciated.


Dear Deb,

Thank you so much for having me over the last month. I have learnt sooo much from you. I really appreciate all your ideas, assistance and friendliness. You have made a difference to my life by convincing me to go to Uni. Thank you very much.



DearMrs Arthurs,

Cuddle. Cuddle. Kiss. Kiss. You are the best teacher in the whole wide world..


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