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About the Author

I've worked on many educational committees including: collaboratively writing Teacher Standards for the N.S.W. Interim Committee, scenario planning through Teaching Australia, being a national director of The Australian College of Educators and President of the Australian College of Educators Hunter Branch.

To further add to my credibility I have two sons who achieved their own goals.


One is now a doctor who graduated with Distinction and the other an engineer (receiving multiple merit-based scholarships/ cadetships while training.) My own children are living proof that the strategies  I employed, worked for a busy full-time working mum...


And sometimes life didn't make it easy. My husband had a life changing accident when my children were 7 and 11 years of age which left him deemed legally blind. We had a mortgage, huge medical bills and little money because it initially knocked me out of the workforce to care for him. And within months I had to devise some serious time management strategies that enabled me to work full-time, him to work full-time after being redeployed and still do my best to be a great parent and teacher.

​Recalling when my children were growing up, other parents sometimes commented that I "must spend a lot of time helping my kids at home" because they'd observed my children seemed both clever, and motivated. But I know I didn’t spend more time teaching my kids than most other supportive parents did.

But because I knew the incredible value of quality time spent with my kids in their early childhood years, I may have started earlier than many parents might have thought to. And that helped them learn better because they had greater background knowledge for new information to link to.

Best Parenting Advice.com is different to many other parenting sites because it's written from a practical perspective by someone who's successfully worked with children over decades. And the commonsense information provided is what I've found works with the majority of kids.

​And to be honest, as my children grew up, I never worried about them getting into trouble with those who were succeeding in life... I worried about them getting into trouble with those who weren't.

From my experience I've learnt many other parents feel similar concerns for their children too.

So I've created a list of the steps I used with both my own children, (and those I taught,) to encourage them to be inspired learners, to accept personal responsibility and to work towards their goals for the future.

Personal Note from the Author

I'm hopeful Best Parenting Advice.com may help you negotiate parenthood with greater levels of knowledge and skill than I started out with. And it's only because I would like you to know the information on this site is credible, I share the following information with you.


From when I met my first teacher, Miss Jones, I knew that was what I wanted to become. As an educator I’ve received multiple awards, the highest level ones being from both the N.S.W. Education Minister and the Australian Minister for Education. These were for Quality Teaching and for Excellence as a Teacher: Outstanding National Achievement (the only early childhood teacher in Australia that year to receive one.)

I spent over thirty years in full-time teaching positions refining what worked educationally and my expertise has been sought after at local, state and national level. I've run workshops for both Beginning Teachers and Highly Accomplished Teachers. I've also run parenting workshops over years. I initiated and collaboratively ran in-servicing linked to identified teacher needs, at times in excess of 200 educators at a time.

Receiving an Outstanding National Achievement Award at Parliament House Canberra from Minister for Education.

Why These Resources are Free


I’m going to be up front with you. What I want is for as many children to have a real chance of succeeding in life as possible, regardless of where they live or how much money their parents have. And I'd like their families to succeed as well.


There's too much energy lost on disharmony, that could be better used to help build people and create more positive futures. That's it!

By utilizing the internet, Best-Parenting-Advice.com can provide a free quality educational resource, for any parent who has access to a computer. If you had supportive parents while you were growing up, you will likely know much of the basic information on this site already. However you won't know it all.

I can't speak highly enough of the opportunity education offered me. Education was a bridge to a better life, for both me, and my children.  And I've seen education transform others lives too.


I know first hand how hard it can be: to work, keep healthy meals on the table, maintain mortgage payments and achieve success. As  well as have balance and fun in life. So I've shared what worked for me, in the hope you can find something that might assist you.

​Best wishes to you, and your children, for a successful future.



Deb Arthurs

P.S.  We've had many inspirational fire fighters in Australia who have shared their time so willingly. Many leaving jobs and families over months to help others. I applaud what you've done to help protect our Australian communities. I can't imagine what would have happened to us without you. Thank you for your selflessness.