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Tuna Pesto Pasta by Deb

Best Parenting Advice includes only great home cooks' BEST recipes, of which Tuna Pesto Pasta is one.

It's one of the best because the recipe:

  • is super quick & easy,

  • works every time,

  • is family friendly,

  • is inexpensive

  • uses common ingredients.

  • is absolutely delicious.


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Tuna Pesto Pasta is delicious. It's an easy, kid friendly dinner recipe the whole family will enjoy. At busy times we were having Tuna Pesto Pasta at least once a fortnight because the kids loved it so much. And best of all, I could put it together within minutes of walking through the door.


It's great with a salad or on its own.


For a super easy, inexpensive family dinner, you can't go past Tuna Pesto Pasta.

The tried and true recipes on Best Parenting are included on the site because they're quick, easy & family friendly. Most recipes are inexpensive, they're delicious and best of all they work for busy parents. So if you're time poor, or just want an easy healthy dinner your kids will love, these recipes are real winners.


1 onion

20 grams butter

1 large tin tuna (crushed with a fork)

1 bottle pesto sauce

1 small pack pine nuts

½ packet parmesan cheese

1/2 punnet of grape tomatoes (cut into halves lengthwise)

1 packet of pasta bows or penne

salt and pepper to taste

boiling water

basil to garnish


  1. Cook pasta according to directions on packet and drain

  2. Dice onion

  3. Melt butter in saucepan and add diced onion. Cook until onion is transparent

  4. Drain and add tuna to onion. Then add pesto sauce and pine nuts. Mix together, cooking for 2 minutes (If you want to make it kid friendly leave adding pine nuts until after you've removed theirs)

  5. Add cooked pasta and mix through ensuring that bows/penne are covered

  6. Remove from heat and sprinkle Parmesan cheese over mixture while stirring it through. (If you want to make it more kid friendly maybe substitute grated cheddar for Parmesan cheese, just on the children's meals)

  7. Garnish with basil and grape tomatoes (add to children's if they like it. Otherwise omit)

Serve immediately

Pasta Pesto

​HINT: If you have an electric stove (rather than gas) boil water in the kettle, then add it to the pot so pasta cooking is quicker.

My Favourite Recipes include some of the best, quick & easy recipes on Best Parenting Over decades they're the best ones I've collected from friends, or devised myself. People ask for them again and again. I hope you enjoy them.


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