Things To Do With Kids At Home While Self-Isolating During a Pandemic: List 4

Repeating Pattern Artworks: Design
Using Rectangles and Repetition designing an artwork from basic rectangle shape
Children's Choice Learning Days
Children decide the theme they want to learn about today
Baking: Following Recipes
Following recipes and baking with kids
Creating a Combined Mural
creating a combined mural
Playing Hidies In The Dark: Fun
Favourite games, hidies in the dark
Imagining Future in 30 Years: Recording It
Create what the world will be like in 30 years time
Recording Grandma's Childhood
When grandma was a kid record
Learning To Play Chess: Strategy
learning to play chess
Easel Drawing on Whiteboard
child drawing on a whiteboard
Trialing Different Cuisines: Geography
Cuisine Days help people understand different countries culture
Making Beautiful Sandwiches
Children create their own sandwiches and make them beautiful
Creating Your Own Country
Children Creating an imaginary country
Writing a Play
Performing A Play
Making Your Own Movie
Making Bread from Scratch
Making bread
Learning Editing Skills
Learning editing
Playing Charades
Playing Charades
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