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Playing at the Playground or Park

Some of the skills your child will likely develop are:

  • overall development of gross motor skills

  • ability to walking on different surfaces and inclines,

  • ability to balance

  • climbing techniques

  • refining processes

  • increased hand eye coordination

  • increased hand strength

  • increased agility

  • increased confidence

  • increased risk taking ability

  • improved posture

  • increased levels of physical fitness

  • riding a bike

Kid Playing Outdoor
Kids at Playground

Some Language Linked to Playing in a Playground

  • climb: over, under, through, beneath, behind, in front, higher, lower

  • line up: make a line, behind, in front, move forward, next to, beside, 

  • turn taking: before, after, nearly, time is up, change over, completed, finished, begin, start, your turn, next, later

Check out how many opportunities physical activity provides for the use of prepositions

Some Social Skills Linked to Playing on Outdoor Equipment

  • turn taking ability

  • playing safely

  • engaging in onlooker play and copying

  • perseverance

  • the ability to follow rules of a child directed game

  • sharing space

  • self-esteem and confidence building

  • social skills: cooperating to play a game

  • enjoyment

  • encouragement of others

  • learning to accept differences in abilities

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