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How Many Squares in This Room?

Living Room

Vocabulary Development:

  • corners

  • sides

  • next to

  • beside

  • above

  • below

  • angle

  • straight

  • curved

  • right angle

  • similar

  • same

  • different

  • shapes

  • square

  • triangle

  • circle

  • rectangle

  • centre

  • outside

  • inside

Some of the skills they will likely develop are:

  • improved shape recognition

  • increased critical thinking

  • the ability to translate and rotate shapes

  • the ability to predict

  • refining skills by revision

  • self-esteem building

  • social skills of turn taking or

  • developing their ability to work independently

​1. Describe what makes a square: Explain:

  • all 4 sides are straight

  • all 4 sides are of equal length

  • the 4 corners are all 90 degrees

2. Locate some examples of squares in the environment

3. Children could estimate the room in the house they expect to have the most squares in it.

4. Set up a 'How Many Squares Are There in a Specific Room Challenge.' You could make it an individual game or teams. And each team has their own colour post it notes. Give children a pad of post it notes for them to claim that specific square as their own.


  • No one is allowed to remove someone else's Post It note.

  • The game ceases at a predetermined time (say 5 minutes)

  • Each square is checked to ensure they are actually squares

  • The number for each team is collated. The winning team choose a privilege (it might be a programme to watch on the T.V. or something for dinner) then go and collect all of the Post It notes ready for the next game.

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