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Finding Everything Inside a Hoop


Extension Ideas:


  • Using the computer see if you can find any larger images of the things you have discovered, especially insects

  • Children can observe the detail and draw conclusions about: antennae, the numbers of legs, wings (if any), segmented legs, compound eyes, proboscis for  a mouth, grasping feet, etc

  • Are there are adaptations to suit its environment? e.g. camouflage

  • You may also like to identify the way the insect's body functions e.g. breathing, digestion,

  • They may like to draw a more detailed image and discuss some of the features

​1. Lay a hoop down somewhere in the garden: in an area that is interesting, but free from spiders, bees, wasps, scorpions, etc


  • Explain: Inside the hoop is the only area we are going to examine in detail

  • Explain we need to find every single thing that is inside the hoop

  • Children will try to locate as many things as they can and count them

  • N.B. You will need to have a safety lesson on the use of magnifying glasses for this part of the activity, explaining magnifying glasses can start fires or burn things, including children so they need to be careful not to have the sun shining through them. Children can use magnifying glasses to examine the detail of the found items and discuss them.

  • If they like they can record the things they saw either through drawing them or writing the words if they know them.



Brown Insect

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