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You're Pregnant

Expectant Couple
  • ​Prior to becoming pregnant, talk with your doctor about how you can best create a healthy pregnancy.


For example: Check your immunization status to ensure you're unlikely to contract a preventable disease that could affect your baby.

And ensure that both your and your partner's general health is as good as possible so you're producing quality sperm and eggs.

Vegan Sandwich
  • Resting appropriately.


Use the time to read about things that make the biggest differences to developing babies. And you might consider implementing some of those that have a factual basis.

There is an abundance of information available. Common sense backed with research is usually a good choice.

Glasses of Water
  • Abstaining from illegal drugs and alcohol while pregnant. Both drugs and alcohol can cause serious and irreparable damage.

It's estimated that fetal alcohol spectrum disorder  affects 2-5 % of pregnancies in the USA. Statistics in Australia are more difficult to determine however it's thought that in some high-risk communities FASD numbers can be as high as 12%. For more information go to:

Pile of Pills
  • Stopping smoking, ideally before you commence trying to become pregnant.

Go to the following link for specific information:

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  • If you have a cat, ensuring that someone other than the mother empties the litter tray as cat faeces have been linked to toxoplasmosis.


It can also be contracted by not washing hands after gardening or eating inadequately washed fruit or vegetables.

In Labour

For Best Starts for Kids go to the following links:

So you're starting a family.

You're about to undergo one of life's greatest experiences. And to give your child the best chance possible at life I truly hope you will consider some of the absolute basics below and see the merit in them.


But long before you even consider becoming  pregnant, consider the following:

  • Eating a nutritious diet, even before you're pregnant, can help to reduce birth defects.


E.g. Folic Acid can reduce the chances of spina bifida.

Another little known fact:

In geographical areas low in iodine, deficiencies can result in lower IQ levels in children. But pregnant women that use iodised salt are more likely to prevent this occurring.

Pregnant Woman
  • Maintaining hydration.

Water contains no caffeine, or calories, so is a great choice.

Add ice, some lemon, or mint to make it a bit different.

  • Ensuring any prescribed drugs you're taking will not affect a fetus.

Check with your doctor about any possible side effects.

Woman Holding Cigarette
  • Abstaining from foods that can be contaminated


e.g.: raw fish, raw eggs, unwashed vegetables, some soft cheeses

Kitten on the Stairs
  • Ensuring you create a loving partnership that is supportive and nurturing.


It's often easier, both financially and emotionally, if cooperative parents raise children, than if single parents try to do it alone. Together resources like housing and utility expenses can be shared.

  • Recent research indicates what you name your child affects their chances of life success.


It's believed relatively classic, common names that are easy to spell make it easier for other people. The child can also experience less discrimination due to perceived age, religion or personal bias.

To learn what successful families do, check out the free Step by Step mini-course. This life transforming information is what I wish every parent knew, before they had a child:

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Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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