12 Useful Tips For Babies

For Babies

Using snail baby nail cutters is a safer way of clipping nails as cutting is more precise

For Babies

Wrapping babies in wraps made from fabric with a small amount of elastine in it helps keep them wrapped more firmly

For Babies

Use socks on hands at night to prevent babies scratching their faces

For Babies

If a baby starts to rub its nose or tug at its ear it may be getting tired so you both may benefit from winding down activities  ready for a nap

For Babies

If a baby attempts to talk to you, react immediately. Talk back, then give them the chance to  take their turn to talk. What we notice we get more of

For Babies

A daily walk can provide opportunities for stimulation, social interaction and the rocking motion can put babies to sleep if tired

For Babies

There are some fantastic apps available to help you learn more about where your baby is at developmentally. For example: The Wonder Weeks

For Mums

For breast feeding mums, cabbage leaf therapy may be useful to reduce breast engorgement. Warm compresses also help. And cool compresses can reduce pain

For Babies

Keeping babies close can be settling for them and expose them to a greater level of language

For Babies

If a baby arches his or her back its a sign of discomfort. A baby has a limited ability to move so may benefit if you change their position

Baby Photos

To get great photos get down low and get in close. Recording interactions with others can be a winner

For Babies

If a baby's fists are clenched during feeding its a sign he or she is hungry. As their fist open its a sign they're becoming less hungry

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