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What I'd Do Differently

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

If I had my time over again, I'd spend more time dancing and singing.

I'd dance while I did the housework.

And I'd sing all sorts of songs for the pure joy of it: from Nessum Dorma to I'm Just a Love Machine.

I'd spend less time worrying about all my past mistakes. It's my mistakes that helped make me who I am. I'd make peace with them, thank them for what they taught me... And I'd let them go.

When I'm old, I'd know I'll still feel the same inside, as when I was young. It helps me see my innocence.

I'd take more photos of how wonderful each day is.

I'd spend more time living in 'this moment.' Life is important and simply living can be wonderful. I'd get out in nature every day. And if I was thinking about doing something new or different, I'd think why not today.

I'd spend more time with people who raise me up. And I'd care less about what other people think. Because I'd know, they're likely not thinking of me much at all.

I'd know I was replaceable to any employer. And that my kids will grow up too so I need my own passions in life

I'd trust myself more and follow my instincts .

I'd spend less time sitting on the edges of life and I'd give myself permission to jump in with both feet.

I'd cultivate my ability to public speak, and engage in small talk. But I'd also take a breath before speaking, knowing I don't have to have an opinion on everything. Sometimes silence says it perfectly.

With relationships I'd follow my heart. But I'd know to take my brain along for the ride.

And while I'd still be kind, I wouldn't be a pushover. I'd create my own retirement plan independent of any partner. Looking out for me is my responsibility.

I'd be comfortable to know that not everyone is going to like me and I'm okay with that. I'd spend much less energy on it.

At last I'd make friends with my mirror. I'm so much more than how I look.

And I wouldn't look into my rear view mirror again, except for the beautiful view.

I'd worry less about getting old...

Getting old is fine, it's getting boring that's the problem.

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Good Luck to You,



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