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16 Ways to Feel Better in Minutes

Warm Up on the Beach

2. Write down three things that you're really grateful for. Ideally put them in a diary and add more things each day. If you already have a gratitude diary reread things that you're grateful for.

3. Put some music on that reminds you of when you were young and dance with it. Or better still sing along with it, ideally at the top of your lungs.

4.  Have a warm bath or shower. Dry yourself with one of your softer towels. Put a treatment in your hair then rub yourself in coconut oil. You'll feel moisturized and younger.


Smiling Businesswoman

7. Go somewhere where you're near something that's much bigger than you are and feel how insignificant your worries are. A beach, forest, lake, park, library

8. Go outside. Lay down a rug. Lie down on your back and look up at the sky. Feel the space. Make pictures out of clouds. If you have children with you they can do it too.

Eating Noodles

11. Tell someone who did something for you just how much it meant to you. It'll make you both feel better.

12. Ask a friend for a hug and give the best gentle hug back you can. (N.B: Best not during COVID 19 pandemic.) Maybe tell her why you love her instead.

13. Clean out the third or fourth kitchen drawer from the top (that's usually full of junk.) It usually only takes a few minutes but will make you feel better.

1.  Start your day right. Get up early and go for a walk. Ideally go somewhere naturally beautiful (like a lake or beach.) But if you can't walk outside walk you could walk on a walking machine and read something inspiring at the same time N.B. You will need to ensure you don't walk so fast that you can't hang on as you read.

If it's already later in the day go for a walk outside. Locate three things that look beautiful. Listen for two natural sounds. Visualize what's  making them. See if you can locate a nice smell. If you're in your own garden recall happy memories of planting some of the things there.


Happy Young Woman

5. Put on clothing you know looks good on you. Maybe wear something bright-coloured for a change. Take an extra five minutes to do your hair and makeup. And then get out of the house. Go somewhere social. It's amazing how positive comments from others help you to realize you still have a lot going for you.

6. Sit at a coffee shop, ideally not in a shopping centre but somewhere where active people are out and about. Watch how they move, what they wear,  how they interact with others. Make up stories in your mind about them. Maybe write some ideas down. It could be the beginnings of a short story.

sitting on sand

9. Eat something you love and do it slowly. Savour the experience. Feel the mango juice run off your chin, a warm raspberry explode in your mouth, the chocolate begin to melt and ooze across your tongue. If you've forgotten how to savour food, watch a child eat.

10. Ring your best friend and tell them you're in a bit of a funk. It's amazing how many wonderful things they'll be able to tell you about yourself that you've likely never even realized.

Friends Hugging
Italian Deli Shopping

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14. Throw away some of your old stuff that you've been putting up with using and start using some of the things you've been saving for good. e.g. Drink water out of a best wine glass.

15. Go back through your card drawer or old messages and feel the love you have in your life.

16. Say something sincerely nice to everyone you meet. Ask them how their day has been. You might compliment them on their hair, their shoes, their determination, their willingness to help, their smile, their kindness. Even that they make the best cup of coffee in town... Looking for the good in others can transform your life.

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