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Why Save Time?

Busy Office

Busy Families Are the Norm

Family Trip

I worked full-time for more than thirty years and managed to successfully raise a family in the process. Like most of you some days were easier than others, some weeks easier, some years easier.

Just to get to work in the morning with two little children required significant planning and a commitment to routine. In my early working life there was no FACs leave, extended maternity leave with right of return or a part-time option until your children went to school.

It's been increasingly commonplace (over the past forty years or so,) to successfully raise a family, purchase a home, educate children, have savings for retirement and have private health care, we often need two full-time incomes to do so.


If you're reading this, it's likely that you're one of those parents who've made the realization that you're likely to be working for some time into the future.

You can spend time on repetitive routine tasks like cooking, cleaning or driving to buy food, or spend it on projects that made a big difference to the quality of your life and your family’s life.

Going for a Walk

I’m glad that legislation has been put in place that now begins to support working mothers.

Looking back on when my children were young I recall many days getting home from work and feeling tired; with the best part of me left behind at work. And then I had to start my most important job of being a mother. And I often didn’t feel like cooking even though I knew I had to. I wanted instead to just relax with my family and spend some time with them. Some days the thought of cooking was so unappealing takeaway seemed the only option.

Chicken Shish Kebab

And while takeaway solves the problem of putting food on plates quickly I realized that takeaway can be expensive over time from both a financial perspective and a health perspective.

I may be giving the impression that I don’t like cooking. I love to cook, but for pleasure not because I need to get food on a plate quickly night after night.

This is the site that I wished existed for me. It's full of hints, strategies and recipes that enabled me to work full-time and still eat well. It contains some of the best easy recipes that have worked for me, or for my working girlfriends, every time, over time.


And best of all most people find them yummy.

I've been asked for these recipes so often I've included the EASY HEALTHY RECIPES section devoted to them.


And it's really worthwhile reading the Strategies and Hints sections which discusses the organizational aspects that can help save time and money.

While we can all expend time here and there on a variety of things, it's important to realize you can only get to spend your time once.

I was time poor over years so decided to spend some of my valuable time and energy planning ways to save both time and energy over the long term

I've listed a few simple strategies that cater to working parents that I successfully used over years...


I wanted my children to look back on their childhood and remember it as enjoyable. I wanted them to recall me being engaged in their lives; and likable and fun. Yet with everything I had to do...

Gourmet Meal
Kids Running

I had heaps of organization in my life that helped a lot of things run smoothly so I didn't waste time thinking about what was for dinner, or how I was going to get time to do the gardening, or even how I was going to manage it all.


I planned ahead and followed the plan.

I wanted my children to see more of me than the back of my head in the car and to genuinely want to spend time with me as an adult. I wanted them to feel that I was a good mum.

If you can relate and want to know more the following Best Parenting Advice links may be useful:


Best Parenting is a high quality parenting website designed with child and family success in mind. It highlights what successful parents do differently to those who struggle. Best Parenting provides free online resources for busy parents who want the best practical advice on: how to give kids a best start in life, better tips for parenting toddlers, effective child rearing strategies, behaviour management tips, successful goal setting and organizational strategies for successful families, easy family dinner recipes, self-care tips for time-poor parents and free kids learning games. The aim of Best Parenting is to provide quality practical parenting tips and advice to best help children and families succeed, using the convenience of a website.

This website provides examples of what worked for me over decades and you are welcome to use these ideas as you see fit but you do so at your own risk. Best Parenting does not provide any guarantee that this information will work in every circumstance with every family or with every child. It is your responsibility as a user of this website to ensure that you adhere to any recommended safety suggestions either implicit or explicit on this site and supervise your children while playing any games suggested. Similarly users of this website are advised to follow any recommendations for seeking professional advice as all information on this site is generic. Best Parenting is an independent website and is not affiliated with any other groups, clubs, religious organizations or educational systems.


Best parenting takes time. The best parenting advice ever is simple: Do your best, don't give up and love your children, no matter what.

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